About Portage Consulting



The carrying of a boat or its cargo between two navigable waters.

Portage Consulting was created with a very simple mission in mind. Our mission is to help entrepreneurs succeed and thrive in the ever-changing business environment by optimizing strategies, identifying obstacles, and developing solutions. We provide portage, so to speak, for your business by carrying it over some of the greatest challenges any business can face – such as monthly bookkeeping, creating investor-ready pro forma statements, budgeting, and generally overseeing every financial transaction according to your strategy.

Our highly trained staff provides a full suite of high-level financial services to help you get you back into your areas of expertise, knowing that everything on the financial side of your business is taken care of.

You can move forward with confidence – “navigating” the other “waters” in your zone of expertise.

Our Values


We value maintaining honesty, transparency, and accountability in all aspects of business and life.


We value having the ability to adjust and respond to the needs of those around us.


We value working synergistically to accomplish goals effectively and efficiently.


We value maintaining an open and inviting environment that encourages team members to retain a comfortable work/life balance.


We value having the necessary expertise and knowledge to deliver accurate, high-quality solutions.