Our Services

Contract CFO

As your business grows, having insight into your financials is imperative. However, hiring a CFO can be very costly to your growing business. Luckily there is an answer that will work well for your growing business, and that is having a contract CFO on call.

Being able to rely on someone to take care of the financial side of your business, bring clarity to your business decisions, and handle everything for you will take the pressure off of you, and bring you back to safe waters. Finally get a clear view of your financials by bringing on a CFO today!

Monthly Accounting

Accounting is the only function in your business that will truly help you understand what is going on financially. Your business is dependent on your finances, but if you have a difficult time understanding what’s going on with your money, then you need some accounting help, stat!

With great monthly accounting you will be able to stay organized, and you’ll be able to clearly see and understand every bit of what is going on financially. Blow away all of the smoke and mystery surrounding your finances and get a clear picture today with monthly accounting services.

Financial Analysis

How exactly is your money being spent? This is a critical question. Every business should have a strict budget prepared for day-to-day operations. And you should even be able to look forward to improving cash flow as the company moves forward. A good financial analysis will help you know when you can expect to grow and by how much.

And if you ever plan on selling or exiting your company, this is mandatory. Schedule a revealing financial analysis for your business today and prepare to discover many new things!

Financial Oversight

For those who need a variety of high-level financial functions performed within their business, Portage offers financial oversight services as well. Oversight can range from ensuring your compliance with proper financial controls and guidelines to regularly evaluating your company’s overall financial health.

Portage will help ensure that the future financial path of your company is positive. Watch your business grow with our oversight services today!


We at Portage know that most business owners do not get excited about doing payroll. But we also know how significant it can be to your business, and we take pride in our ability to keep your business running smoothly with seamless payroll. We are more than happy to make sure everything is in order when it comes to this critical function of your business.

Make it easy on yourself and have your payroll done by the professionals.

Business Plan Writing

A business plan is like a road map that will guide you through the beginning stages of your business and show you the steps necessary to reach your vision. In order to build a plan like that, it is important to know the ins and outs of your company, your strengths and weaknesses, and what you are facing as far as competition in the market.

When you have such a plan, it is an asset that can be used for years to come and may even help you gain investors for your company. Gain clarity within your business today with a high-caliber plan for moving your business forward.